Turn Back Time With a Non-Surgical Luxury Liquid Facelift

When “aging gracefully” just doesn’t cut it anymore and you’re ready to dramatically improve your appearance without the stress or cost of invasive surgery, our Luxury Liquid Facelift is a great place to start. Liquid Facelifts are highly customizable to the needs of each patient, correcting facial abnormalities and producing immediate results using a tailored combination of properly administered products such as Botox, Radiesse, Juvederm, ViPeel, Fractional Laser, MicroNeedling and PR and more. Using the most advanced aesthetics protocols, the Luxury Liquid Facelift is a powerful alternative to plastic surgery, producing similar or even better results almost immediately.

Elaine Goodlad Oxygen Cover, Francesca's Facelift Client

At Francesca’s Facelift of Las Vegas, we are dedicated to helping our clients rediscover their natural beauty, transforming into a more radiant version of themselves, as opposed to looking like someone else. The procedures take less time than lunch with a friend, the results can be seen as soon as you walk out, and best yet they can last for years.

Who is a good candidate for Luxury Liquid Facelifts?

Perfect candidates for Francesca’s Luxury Liquid Facelift are men and women ready to reverse the signs of aging and eliminate:

– Age lines and wrinkles
– Hollowness or bags under the eyes
– Disappearing cheekbones
– Sagging or drooping near chin and neck
– Uneven skin tone
– Loss of elasticity

How the Luxury Liquid Facelift works

Just like building a house, the foundation of your face needs to be strong so the rest of the house will stay up. We begin with dermal fillers to give facial skin the support it needs. Next, we use high-quality Botox to wipe out wrinkles and lines. If needed, we can also use a combination of nonablative and ablative treatments such as chemical peels, dermal rolling and fractional laser to achieve near perfect results.

Results are almost immediate, and clients walk out of our offices looking and feeling 10 years younger with glowing, luminous skin and a renewed confidence inside and out. If you’d like to learn more about Francesca’s Luxury Liquid Facelift, or schedule a complimentary consultation, please call us. We’re here to help you turn back time in no time at all.

What are Tear Troughs and How to Get Rid of Them

Ever wonder how to disguise those unsightly tear troughs under your eyes? Or even make them disappear? First, let’s talk about what they are. Tear troughs are grooves that begin at the inner corner of your eye and swoop down and out under the eye. They are often blamed for dark circles or “bags” that form under the eye and cause you to look tired and give the appearance of an aging face.

While dark circles are not permanent and are often caused by lack of sleep, tear troughs are still apparent even when you get enough sleep and harder to get rid of. Makeup can do a little to hide tear troughs, but most are prominent enough that they still show through. Here at Francesca’s Facelift in Las Vegas we offer a more long-lasting special technique with a simple, customized non-surgical treatment using dermal fillers.

Why do tear troughs form? As we age, changes in our face including natural decreases in fatty tissue, and loss of elasticity in skin and muscles of the lower lid cause the tear trough depression to become puffy or bulge. This causes the bags and shadowy dark circles that make a face look exhausted and much older than it is. Smoking, stress and other stresses can also add to this effect, making it even worse.

The good news is that you don’t need plastic surgery to fix tear troughs. Here at Francesca’s Facelift, we help out clients erase tear troughs and regain a youthful appearance with a specialized technique using dermal fillers that lift up facial skin that may have lost volume or elasticity as well as fill in unsightly hollows from the inside to make skin look younger. We use a variety of derma fillers of which have slightly different results allowing us to customize each client’s treatment to get the exact results they are looking for. Patients leave our office looking refreshed, rejuvenated and even years younger. And the results last for a year or longer.

The best candidates for tear trough removal in Las Vegas

Tear troughs usually start to show up in men and women in their 30s or 40s, but sometimes even in their 20s. If you look in the mirror and cringe because you see any of the following, tear trough treatments can help.

Under-eye bags
Sagging skin
Hollowness under the eyes
Dark circles
Puffy, enlarged fat pockets in lower eyelids

In short, the ideal candidate for tear trough correction treatments is anyone seeking a simple, safe and non-surgical solution for diminishing or erasing the signs of aging on their face. We care about each and every patient we serve and are here to help you look and feel your best for years to come. To receive a complimentary consultation about our tear trough treatments, or any other facial rejuvenation procedure, call our offices at 702 324-3849 and book an appointment today.

Dirty Little Secret Number Seven…

Truth or Lies Dirty Little Secret 7Dirty Little Secret Number Seven…The Big Fat Lie About Fillers!

One of the reasons I’m proud to be the premiere expert for The Luxury Liquid Facelift is that my belief is that our client’s best interest always comes first.


Which is why I offer the very best in age reversing techniques here that far surpass the need for plastic surgery with more natural results. One of our secrets to success is the use of the remarkable facial fillers Juvederm and Radiesse.


Truth is, as we age, the face loses volume and youthful firmness, typically from the top of the face, downward. I incorporate the use of facial fillers Juvederm and Radiesse as part of our incredible Luxury Liquid Facelift because the fact is that the combination of these two together…


  • Completely restore the volume lost by lifting the face back up
  • Replace volume around sunken upper & lower eyes
  • Reverse nasal folds and “marionette lines” by filling them back in
  • Lift the jowls or jaw line back to normal
  • Restore volume & shaping to thin lips


The results I typically achieve for clients are immediate, with a remarkable age reversal that happens while you sit in the chair in less than 20 minutes and offers you a fresh new face and a whole new level of confidence that makes you look AND feel 10 years younger in one quick visit with little to no down time.


Nothing brings me more joy and immense satisfaction from seeing my clients transform literally before my eyes…and then seeing the joy and elation on their faces when they see themselves in the mirror for the first time. Few words can describe that experience.


I can assure you that I have the highest standards for the use of fillers and the integrity and commitment to using them and offering exactly as we claim to.


Yet there’s a dark side in this industry that I hear about all too often with clients that come in hoping for best results, but haven’t received them from their previous provider.

Getting Fillers can be tricky and unfortunately, many clinics have duped clients into thinking they’re getting what they pay for…but in reality, they aren’t!


My question to you is “Do you know what you’re really getting when you get fillers? Or are you being tricked into thinking you’re getting more but in actuality getting less?”


Because here’s the dirty trick they don’t want you to catch on to…When you sign up for Radiesse or Juvederm, you may be told you’re being charged for the larger amount (or certain number of vials) but end up being given a lesser amount due to the way the product is packaged (and you’d never know it unless I told you!) Sneaky, right?


You may think you’re getting 1 ML of Juvederm or a 1.5 cc of Radiesse but in actuality, due to different packaging sizes you may be getting .5 ML of Juvederm or .8 cc of Radiesse. They may tell you you’re getting 3 syringes when in fact those 3 syringes are the smaller ones adding up to smaller amounts yet making you think it’s more…and charging you for more. Dirty!


ASK to see the sizes and verify that the amounts you’re getting, actually match what you’re receiving!


I look forward to helping you turn back the hands of time and discover the most confident, glowing, radiant version of you! I believe you deserve the best of everything in life, which is why I offer the very best in advanced anti aging techniques that help you enjoy the quality of youth for as long as you want. Life’s too short to wish for what was, and too precious not to enjoy all that it is.

Come in and see me and let’s create an incredible natural new look for you today.

Click below now to book your no obligation, Complimentary Consultation today and find out how you too can experience extraordinary results that fits all your needs.


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Dirty Little Secret Number Six…Are You Really Getting What You’re Paying For?

Flamenco Dancer Dirty Little Secret 6Dirty Little Secret Number Six…Are You Really Getting What You’re Paying For? Never Be Fooled or Duped by The Botox Gypsies Again!

Have you ever been so excited to call and find a great “deal” on Botox? You run over and have it done and then somehow, something just doesn’t seem right? And with only saving a few bucks…often times you can be left wondering if it was really worth it?

Maybe it just didn’t work…or maybe you feel like they didn’t quite inject the same amount you’ve had before? Listen up, because your intuition is probably right!

There’s a dirty secret that’s been happening with “Botox “experts.” Sometimes you may be told that you’re getting Botox, when in fact you could actually be getting Dysport.

Dysport, which is similar to Botox, really isn’t a quality product that we carry or use here and for good reason. It doesn’t give the same results or performance as Botox and it tends to disappear and does not last as long as real Botox. Dysport is also much cheaper than Botox and yet many of our clients have reported paying close to the same price!

And there’s more…Do you know how much you’re actually receiving? It may be less than you think.

If you’re paying for real Botox, which is still the superior choice for wrinkles and lines, make sure you’re getting it.

Also, I can’t emphasize this enough…The placement for injections makes all the difference in how we can turn back the clock and help you take years off of your face. It also makes the difference in looking natural and having this look last longer than you anticipated.

I use little known injection secrets when I work with my clients. It’s been part of the secret for how I’m able to get superior quality and natural results with all my clients.

I believe you deserve the very best in quality and skilled results that create a world of difference in how you look and feel.

Your face is your first and best asset at making your first impression. I know how important that is to you.

Come in and see me and let’s create an incredible natural new look for you today.

Click below now to book your no obligation, Complimentary Consultation today and find out how you too can experience extraordinary results that fits all your needs.


complementary consultation


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Dirty Little Secret Number Five…

Sexy Lips Dirty Little Secret 5Dirty Little Secret Number Five…

The Real Way to Create Beautiful, Full, Kissable Lips That Make Your Significant Other Wild With Desire…

Instead of Ending Up With Big Puffy Blowfish Lips or Feeling Like a Double For Angelina Jolie!

Ladies, let’s talk about lips.

Every girl wants beautiful luscious full lips but they’re scared because they don’t want to risk looking like a blowfish or worse, a blow up doll.

Maybe you’ve even gone for lip augmentation in the past and perhaps you feel like this did happen to you already?

Here’s the reality my dear… Read more

Dirty Little Secret Number Four…

Acne Treatments Dirty Little Secret 4Dirty Little Secret Number Four…Don’t Be Fooled By “Experts” Who Try and Sell You Into Chemical Peels or Fillers to Eliminate Acne Scars!


Oh what a shame it is that I hear and see this all too often from people who just wanted to be free from feeling embarrassed by acne scars and fall in love with clear skin again. Maybe you too have fallen into this trap?

Treating acne can feel like a losing battle that leaves your face scarred and pitted with red unsightly bumps and scars that leave you feeling like all you want to do is hide form the world.

You seek out the best solutions and so many of them just don’t work! Too many “experts” and products are treating acne completely the wrong way!  In fact, here in Vegas, many people are being treated for acne scars using chemical peels and fillers!

Honestly, it’s a short term “fix” at best and a sure fire way to return right back to the way you were.

Here’s why… Read more

Dirty Little Secret Number Three…

Dirty Secret Four Fillers in Upper LipsDirty Little Secret Number Three…Never Get Fillers In Your Upper Lip Lines or Wrinkles Unless You Want to Look Like a Bulldog!

Do you ever wish lines or wrinkles on your upper lip would just go away?

Ladies, you really need to think twice about who is advising you on your lips so you don’t end up living a nightmare!

Here is what I want you to know about them… Read more

Dirty Little Secret Number Two…

The Real Horror Story About Tear TroughsDirty Little Secret Number Two…The Real Horror Story About Tear Troughs!


Ok ladies, let’s talk about tear troughs!!

I’ve done more “fixing” of this common aging issue this past year than anything else.

As we age, our eyes get droopy and the skin gets wrinkly… AND, there’s the right way to fix the eye area and then…there’s the wrong way!

Truth is, you need to be extremely selective when getting this procedure done because this is one of the toughest things to fix if it’s not done correctly.

Here’s the WARNING!  Read more

Dirty Little Secret Number One…

The Real Truth About IPL Photofacials,Dark Spots, Age Spots and Brown SpotsDirty Little Secret Number One…The Real Truth About IPL Photofacials and Dark Spots, Age Spots, Brown Spots, “Pregnancy Mask or Hormone Mask” Etc No One is Telling You About!



Did you know that the most common treatment for Hyperpigmentation, the IPL Photofacial, can actually make your Hyperpigmentation worse? It’s true.

If you have Age Spots (AKA Brown Spots, Hyperpigmentation) that are the direct result of hormones, those are a whole different kind of spot! Those Spots, or what you might call “Brown Spots,” are actually Sun Spots! Hormone spots are called Malasma)…and are not the result of sun damage or other factors…IPL Photo Facials will actually make Melasma (hormone induced brown spots) worse!  We don’t hear of anyone committed to telling you the truth, but us!

A real professional “spots” the difference…and Read more