I’m excited to let you know…

…about the industry-changing breakthrough we’ve pioneered – right here in our offices – with the creation of a unique process combining next-generation laser stretch mark removal technology with proven anti-aging techniques that are creating amazing results.

Clients are watching their stretch marks disappear permanently as their skin emerges refreshed, renewed and tightened in a matter of weeks.

We’re proud to say, it works for any body part and even other unsightly scars you may long to get rid of.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are something that almost every woman has to deal with during her lifetime.

These annoying and sometimes confidence-destroying marks are a form of scarring on the skin.

They’re caused by tearing of the skin, mostly from rapid weight gain or pregnancy, which over time may diminish, but remain discolored streaks.

The big question every woman has is, “How to get rid of stretch marks?”

In the past, it was pretty much assumed that once stretch marks appeared on your skin, you’re stuck with them for life.

Stretch marks on breasts, stomach, arms and thighs have been the cause of endless agony when it comes to summer wear and swimsuits.

The Remedies Thus Far have Only Disappointed…

The best stretch mark creams on the market cost a lot. And produce little to no results.

Expensive and uncomfortable stretch mark removal procedures also miss the mark when it comes to creating lasting results.

In fact, it’s scary when you consider the “treatment” options offered to date include things like Retin-A, glycolic acid and a host of useless creams or oils that simply do not work on stretch marks.

But even more frightening is the “option” of a tummy tuck, or a pulse dye laser (vascular laser) which are also ineffective, if not severe.

Experts in the industry have been searching for real answers for decades, without success. That is, until now!

Does This Treatment Really Work?

This treatment does produce permanent results because one of the main things it does is cause the skin to regenerate collagen and resurfaces the entire area of the skin being treated to restore your body back to it’s youthful, original state.

  • The downtime is only 2-5 days and healing happens in just 2 to 3 weeks with results continuing to unfold for an entire year.
  • It is recommended to wait 4-6 weeks between treatments, if a second or more are necessary.

Depending upon the severity and color of your skin, an average of up to 3 treatments can be needed for 95-100% flawless correction.

Some may need up to 5 treatments max for permanent results if their diet or health are poor.

Smokers and those who consume a poor diet and are deficient in vital hormones and will not respond as quickly as those patients taking their health seriously.

Because we apply a special topical numbing gel on your skin for about and hour before treatments starts, there is minimal discomfort.

What’s the Investment in a New You?

We offer different packages and prices that fit your specific needs.

Each client receives individualized attention and consultation to assess exactly what is needed and what the investment in a new you will be.

Finally, you don’t have to hide or feel embarrassed about stretch marks!

We are more than excited to be able to offer this treatment just in time for travel and swimsuit season.

We recommend you call us today to secure your consultation and see how we can help you to love living in your own skin again!




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