First, Here’s What No Other Professional in the Las Vegas Aesthetic Community Will Tell You!

Did you know that the most common treatment for Hyperpigmentation, the IPL Photofacial, can actually make your Hyperpigmentation worse? It’s true.

If you have Age Spots (AKA Brown Spots, Hyperpigmentation) that are the direct result of hormones, those are a whole different kind of spot! Those Spots, or what you might call “Brown Spots,” are actually Sun Spots! Hormone spots are called Malasma)…and are not the result of sun damage or other factors…IPL Photofacials will actually make Melasma (hormone induced brown spots) worse!  We don’t hear of anyone committed to telling you the truth, but us!

A real professional “spots” the difference…and will treat them correctly!

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Make Your Skin Clear and Spotless Again

Hyperpigmentation occurs when the body produces excess pigment in the skin, resulting in dark spots or patches of discolored skin. It affects all skin types and tones, especially here in Las Vegas, where the sun rules.

Skin Hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration are very common beauty concerns for many people here.  Our clients frequently come in looking for clear skin free from Age Spots (AKA Brown Spots, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Spots, Pregnancy Mask or Hormone Spots), acne scarring and irregular skin tone or coloration.

These imperfections can have many different root causes such as genetics, race, sex, pregnancy, oral contraceptive use, hormonal changes or menopause. Free radical damage caused by excessive sun exposure can also trigger the increase of both new discoloration as well as the re-appearance and darkening of existing brown spots or patches.

How is Skin Hyperpigmentation Treated or Reversed CORRECTLY?

Studies show that the discoloration known as Hyperpigmentation of the skin can make you look older than wrinkles alone! At Francesca’s Facelift of Las Vegas, each patient is unique and needs to follow a protocol specific to their skin.

First we treat the skin discoloration and brown patches with products such as Cosmelan, chemical peels and Fractional Laser / Active FX as these treatments eliminate the current appearance of the Hyperpigmentation and brown spots safely and effectively.

After the easy treatments, the most important part is to maintain results and manage the Hyperpigmentation to keep it under control with daily skin care treatments specific to Hyperpigmentation, brown spots etc.

This can include starting a series of light chemical peels in combination with our effective Vitamin C Serums and SPF Sun Protection options. Your aftercare regimen is so critical, which is why we only carry and offer you the very best from companies such as Obagi, Nuderm System and the skin lightening serum from NEOCUTIS.

Elaine Goodlad Oxygen Cover, Francesca's Facelift Client

Our Hyperpigmentation treatments are suitable for all skin types in Las Vegas as they rejuvenate and brighten skin complexion, even out skin color as well as increase luminosity

At Francesca’s Facelift, we always have your very best interests and results in mind at all times. One thing you can always count on From Francesca is that she will give it to you straight!

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