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Sun exposure and damage, acne scaring, enlarged pores or just getting older can leave skin tone uneven, wrinkled, spotted or scarred.  If you want to refresh your face and skin to restore a smoother, younger and vibrant luminosity…a chemical peel may be your very best choice.  Here at Francesca’s Facelift, we choose and offer only the very best in peels that are the most effective and advanced anti aging choices. Our peels strip away dead skin and damage, revealing a youthful, glowing fresh new face that’s been hiding all these years!

What Are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are a chemical solution used to smooth the texture of your skin by removing damaged skin from years of sun exposure or lack of proper care for the skin. There are various peeling agents and a thorough evaluation of your skin is done before getting a chemical peel here in our Las Vegas office so that we can match the right choice for your particular skin. Our Chemical Peels work by gently exfoliating dead, stuck skin cells from your face and neck. Once applied, it begins the sloughing off process to reveal fresh, new skin underneath to emerge.

Who Are They Best Suited For?

Chemical Peels or treatments are generally ideal for fair skinned clients.

Darker skin types will also benefit from chemical peels, depending on the skin problem. Let us offer you a Complimentary Consultation to share what is best for your skin.

What Results Can You Expect From Chemical Peels?

Here at Francesca’s Facelift, our primary goal is to create a luxury skin experience like no other to reveal your natural beauty and restore your youth and vitality with the very best offerings for advanced aesthetics in anti aging.

Our Chemical Peels will…

  • Remove fine lines under eyes and around the mouth
  • Ease wrinkles caused by sun damage and ageing
  • Hereditary factors can be reduced or even eliminated
  • Mild scarring and acne can also be treated and alleviated
  • Improve pigmentation of the skin from sunspots or age spots
  • Skin that was once dull and lifeless is made luminous and vibrant again

Chemical peels can be combined with laser resurfacing, and fillers to achieve a cost effective skin rejuvenation customized to the individualized person.

Discover Why Las Vegas’ Elite Choose Francesca LoBaido as Their Preferred Secret Weapon to Reverse Aging.

Francesca is a Nurse Practitioner and APN, FNP-BC, and Founder of Francesca’s Facelift of Las Vegas. She is the preferred advanced aesthetics and the top beauty expert in Vegas. You’ll quickly discover why she has clients flying in from around the country to see her on a regular basis. There are very few top experts in the US who share the level of expertise or reputation for excellence for high quality and natural advanced anti aging results.

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