The Right Way to Use Facial Fillers for Long-Lasting Results

If you want smooth, youthful skin but are frustrated and feel like you’re wasting time and money on endless dermal filler treatments that don’t give you lasting results, you’re not alone.
Does this sound familiar?

• My filler doesn’t last as long as it used to…
• I’m tired of endless appointments…
• These fillers aren’t giving me the results I want…

how to get results with fillers
We get it. And we’ve got the answers you’re looking for when it comes to anti-aging facial filler treatments with results that last for years.
Dermal fillers are popular for creating a smooth, youthful appearance, and with the right combination of high-quality products and experienced application methods, you can get results that last up to 5 years in as little as one appointment.

The long-lasting results I’m able to produce for my clients here at Francesca’s Facelift in Las Vegas start with looking not just at problem areas, but at the entire face. It’s important whenever doing any filler work that we look at your face as a whole and not just spot treat here and there.

Just like a building, a beautiful home starts with a strong foundation; your face needs a good support system for long-lasting beauty. If a home’s foundation is faulty, it develops cracks and sags and quickly goes from beautiful to broken-down. And no matter how much spackle or paint you use to cover it up, it will never regain its former glory.

In a very similar way, if your face doesn’t have the support it needs, no matter what type of filler you use, it will never look its best. If we start by making sure the foundation of your face is addressed correctly with the right fillers that work best with the unique qualities of your skin, then we can contour and polish and give your face the smooth, youthful look you want that will last for years.

Best Facial Fillers for Long-Lasting Results

My favorite facial fillers for lifting and creating a supportive foundation for the face are Radiesse(+) and Bellafill.
• Radiesse(+) is an FDA-approved calcium filler that stimulates the body to naturally produce more collagen. Results can last from 9 to 12 months.
• Bellafill is a dermal filler that stimulates collagen growth for up to 5 years, reducing the appearance of wrinkles for a soft, smooth complexion.

As we age, gravity starts to pull everything down and this really shows on your face. My goal then is to plump and lift the foundation of your face, which will in turn support and lift everything else up, creating more natural-looking anti-aging results for the entire face.

Too often we think we need to sacrifice time, money and convenience to look our best. Luckily, that’s not true. Here at Francesca’s Facelift, we help our clients save time, money and stress with our successful anti-aging offerings. Most procedures last approximately 15-20 minutes, perfect for someone with a busy schedule. We offer complimentary free consultations, incredible packages, special pricing and promotions to provide our clients with budget-friendly options that fit what they are looking for – a quality treatment, great value, and results that let them walk out of the office with renewed confidence knowing they look they’re very best.

The Best Non-Surgical Facelift in Las Vegas

The best non-surgical facelift in Las Vegas.

You’ve tried everything you can to help your face look it’s very best, but you’re still not seeing what you want to in the mirror. Fancy, expensive products and procedures at your nearest spa promise to help you regain your youth, but the age spots, wrinkle, tear troughs and eye bags won’t go away.

The reason your efforts aren’t working might be simpler than you realize. Because when the best products on the market don’t work, it’s not always about what they are, but rather how they are used. When it comes to creating exceptional results, it’s all about technique. Every client’s face is unique, and if the application is not done correctly, you won’t get the results you want.

liquid facelift las vegas

The secret for facelifts that really work

You can lift the face with all different types of fillers that are FDA-approved in the market, but it really comes down to the technique that’s used when applying them. Here at Francesca’s Facelift of Las Vegas, two of our favorite products used for lifting the face are Radiesse and Radiesse Plus. These are the best on the market today for anti-aging.

When it comes to fillers, a little goes a long way. If used correctly, they help facial features retain their natural youthful qualities so you can stop wasting money on painful procedures or high-dollar products. In the experienced hands of Francesca at Francesca’s Facelift, fillers provide beautiful, natural, refreshing results that can last for years.  

Best products for non-surgical facelifts

Fillers like Radiesse work by injecting calcium microspheres under the skin where they provide immediate volume to lift skin, smoothing out wrinkles and diminishing signs of aging. The results are both immediate and long-lasting, as calcium fillers stimulate natural collagen production, lifting and plumping skin with results often visible for at least a year or more after the initial treatment.

Some of the issues we treat successfully with these products include:

  • Reverse nasal folds and “marionette lines” by filling them back in
  • Lift the jowls or jaw line back to normal
  • Restore volume & shaping to create full, luscious lips
  • Restore plumpness and volume in skin to “lift” the face back up
  • Replace volume around sunken upper & lower eyes

If you’re sick of struggling to see improvements in your skin even after you’ve invested time and money into the latest trends that provide miracle results, give us a call and learn more about Francesca’s revolutionary Liquid Facelift. We are dedicated to helping our clients rediscover their natural beauty by using the highest-quality products on the market in customized treatments set up for each client individually. The Liquid Facelift is non-invasive and can be done in the same amount of time as having lunch with your friends. And results can be seen as soon as you walk out.

Contact us at 702-324-3849 to book a no-obligation complimentary consultation and find out how you too can experience extraordinary results with a customized plan that will make you excited to look in the mirror again.