Las Vegas is quite literally the stuff of dreams and known as an oasis in the vast Nevada desert. It has earned and carved many nicknames for itself over the years such as sin city and so on but it remains the epitome in entertainment and just bare fun which includes great food bars, casinos and resorts. It is also a great spot for some shopping and sightseeing as there are many historically important sites here like the Hoover Dam for example.


Vegas is known all over the world for its infamous shotgun weddings. You can tie the knot or elope with someone you are crazy about and get married instantly. There are many chapels which have been associated historically with celebrity shotgun weddings such as the Little White Wedding Chapel which hosted Frank Sinatra’s wedding. The Viva Las Vegas Chapel is a little cheaper and great for lovers of Elvis Presley.

Develop A Sweet Tooth

Vegas is known for the best frozen custard and if you have stuck to conventional ice cream for too long this might be just what you are looking for. The Western Sundae is the crown jewel but it really all depends on your taste.

Slot Machines

For people on a budget or who have spent all their savings on other less than honorable pursuits, slot machines can be good fun. Hit places like Circus Circus and Gold Coast to try your luck and return with some pretty great memories especially if you are looking to have some fun with friends.

Caeser’s Palace

This is more than just the best casino and the most top notch gambling experience in the city, it also boasts of an extensive shopping center inside the premises which you can really get lost in. When you run out of credit to spend on gifts and novelty items, you can stare at the vast entertainment screens which have been installed for a dream like experience. The Fashion Show Mall has all the best designer wear and can be the perfect place to refurbish your wardrobe.  There is great people watching at all of these locations!

Nature Reserves

If you find yourself getting tired of gambling and over stimulated by the lights and buildings you may want to take a break and expose yourself to the essence of old Vegas. The Las Vegas Springs Preserve is known for its wonderfully vast botanical gardens as well as lots of hiking trails and museums along the way to keep you busy.