Finally, stretch mark removal that truly works!

Here at Francesca’s Facelift in Las Vegas, we’re excited to share an industry-changing breakthrough we’ve pioneered – right here in our offices – with the creation of a unique process combining next-generation laser stretch mark removal technology with proven anti-aging products and techniques that are creating amazing results. Clients are watching their stretchmarks disappear permanently as their skin emerges refreshed, renewed and tightened in a matter of weeks. And we’re proud to let you know that it works for ANY body part and even for removing or reducing unsightly scars you may long to get rid of.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are something thatalmost every woman has to deal withduring her lifetime. These annoyingand sometimes confidence-destroyingmarks are a form of scarring on theskin. They’re caused by tearing ofthe skin, mostly from rapid weightgain or pregnancy, which over timemay diminish yet leave discoloredstreaks. One of the most common questions we hear from our Las Vegas clients here at Francesca’s Facelift is “How do I get rid of my stretch marks?”

In the past it was pretty muchassumed that once stretch marksappeared on your skin you were stuck with them for life. Stretchmarks on breasts, stomach, arms andthighs have been the cause of endlessagony, making women feel self-conscious and critical of their own appearance, especially when it comes to summerwear and swimsuits.

The best stretch mark removal products and treatments in Las Vegas

The best products that are currently on the market for removing or reducing stretch marks cost a lot – and produce little tono results. Expensive and uncomfortablestretch mark removal procedures alsomiss the mark when it comes to creatinglasting results. In fact, many of the treatment options you’ll see out there include ingredients such as Retin-A, glycolicacid and a host of useless creams or oilsthat simply do not work on stretch marks.

Even more frightening are more aggressive options such as a tummy tuck, or a pulse dye laser(vascular laser) which are also ineffective,overly severe, and can end up causing more damage, while doing absolutely nothing for what you originally wanted.Experts in the industry have beensearching for real answers for decades,without success. That is, until now!

Exciting new advances for stretch mark removal in Las Vegas

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is one of the latest and most exciting innovations in aesthetic medicine and Francesca LoBaido, APRN, FNP-BC has been incorporating it into her treatments to boost the efficacy of treatments and create some amazing results in healthy, glowing, rejuvenated skin. A topically-applied solution rich in natural growth-boosting proteins and nutrients extracted from the patient’s own blood, PRP is incorporated into our unique stretch mark removal treatments for its ability to improve skin texture and firmness in the skin, and dramatically reduce or erase scars and stretch marks.

Our unique stretch mark removal treatments for people in Las Vegas who want to get rid of stretch marks stand out in the industry because we produce permanent results for our clients. Our treatment stimulates the skin’s ability to regenerate collagen, resurfacingthe entire area of the skin being treated torestore your body back to a clear and stretch mark-free state.The downtime is only 2-5 days and healinghappens in just 2 to 3 weeks with resultscontinuing to unfold for an entire year.

Finally, you don’t have to hide or feel embarrassed about stretch marks!

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